About us

Muscle Car is a small business that focuses on all aspects of muscle car merchandise, including concept, design, development, manufacturing, distribution, supply, wholesale and retail.

Our aim is to provide muscle car merchandise at affordable prices! Whatever the event, our supporter product range will be perfect. If we don’t already have what you are looking for, we may be able to make the product for you – just ask!

Cultivating interest in and promoting muscle car events is important to Muscle Car. We can do this through promotional advertising, sponsorship, merchandise, giveaways and much more.

Providing muscle car enthusiasts with the largest range of muscle car merchandise available is our main priority.

We have merchandise to suit every supporter and at a great price too! Buy some today to cheer on your team or to use as decoration!

Our goal is to supply supporters with a large variety of quality products and services and to deliver these as quickly as possible. We only sell merchandise of a high quality.

Our range of merchandise is official product all about the cars. Our trademarked “Bathurst winners” and “King of the Mountain” merchandise is promoting the car only. Products are not endorsed by car drivers or other organisations in most cases. You may choose to seek out drivers to sign our merchandise from time to time, this is entirely up to you, our customer. Most drivers will be happy to sign our products but in some cases some individual drivers will not. It’s up to the individuals including drivers themselves to choose any items that they may wish to sign.

MuscleCar.com.au is the first choice for all muscle car merchandise!

– sales@musclecar.com.au